Dare to be free

In dictionaries, freedom is defined as »the state of being unrestricted and able to move easily.« Applied to No Borders Orchestra this definition is very much spot on, but as often in art, it goes well beyond the apparent. Yes, indeed the orchestra, which consists of members from all ex-Yugoslavian states wipes out the geographical borders. And yes, their programme marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, thus celebrating another physical boundary being eradicated.

But it is just as well about borders, which are much less tangible — boundaries between musical genres. For No Borders Orchestra, they simply don't exist! So, get ready for an evening of thrilling encounters, when two seemingly opposite music worlds — that of classical and that of electronic dance music – collide, giving birth to a whole new musical universe! Waste, unlimited, untouched spheres just waiting to be explored.

Dare it! Forget definitions and limitations, drop the prejudices, open your mind, and feel the freedom!


The power of unity

Nicolas Altstaedt never fails to mesmerise the audiences with his utmost sincerity, subtle musicality and profound understanding of music: its meaning, its messages, its power. With his Haydn Philharmonic, the resident orchestra of Festival Maribor, he turns even the most “classical” and well-known piece into an exciting musical discovery, full of freshness and surprises, yet always true to its core and with the utmost respect to its composer.

The very same goes for Barnabás Kelemen, the brilliant Hungarian violinist, whom journalists all over the world describe as extraordinarily earthy, direct, passionate and authentic.

So, putting the two on our stage together promises not just memorable musical events, but profound, life-changing experiences — the ones, which have the power to move mountains and bridge oceans.

So make sure you don’t miss them! Your first chance for the “double power” is on September 13th. With Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No.2 – emotionally intense and full of a strait, and Schubert’s Symphony No. 5 – bubbly and full of life, they will be joining what seemingly cannot be joined and connecting of what seemingly cannot be connected.

What profound power! Of music, as well as of the two musicians, artists extraordinaire!


Tickets are available from July 2nd, please click here to purchase online. For more discounts and information, please click here or call our box-office +386 (0) 2 229 40 50.